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Value-added Services

The Electrum Transaction hub integrates multiple VAS service providers and aggregators for the continuous availability of your digital product portfolio, while you earn the best fees and commissions. This enterprise solution allows you to quickly expand your VAS business to offer customers more product options with a reliable and versatile platform.

The easy-to-use transaction management tools gives you a single view of the full transaction lifecycle and allows you to mitigate risk. Electrum’s back-office functionality includes reconciliation, transaction matching, fee calculation, exception handling, and settlement reporting.

Allow your customers to pay for digital products and services by using Electrum Digital Payments, or integrate easily with your existing legacy payments switch.

A single platform enables you to quickly bring VAS to market, minimise the pain of adding new integrations, drive additional revenue, and manage back-office processes.

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VAS Integrations

Electrum provides generic interfaces and pre-built integrations for most value-added services. Use Electrum as the single integration point to connect from your payments environment to your desired VAS providers.

Read about the benefits of having multiple VAS providers.

Smart Routing

Get more out of your VAS portfolio by using Electrum’s flexible routing options — you decide which of your providers you’d prefer to supply specific products.

Offer customers choice

Take new services to market fast

Easily integrate with multiple providers

Reliable, scalable, cost-effective solutions

Electrum 2022 Digital Goods and Services Report

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Flexible Alerts

Configurable system alerts that preemptively highlight potential transaction processing issues with third parties

Intuitive Dashboard

Real-time views on the state of SaaS deployments, transaction volumes, and third-party connections

Powerful Troubleshooting

Simple transaction troubleshooting with transaction lookups

Reconciliation and Settlement

Effectively manage your transaction matching and mark-ups, and calculate VAS provider fees with Electrum’s back-office tool

Open-Source APIs

Benefit from easy and rapid development, testing, and integrations with our published APIs

Supported Messaging Formats

Electrum supports most messaging formats including ISO8583 variants, ISO20022, Restful JSON and SOAP XML. Mature developer tools minimise the time and cost required to bring payment integrations online.

Developer Resources

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