The report, covering groundbreaking research into value added services in South Africa, is packed with insights that will take some time to fully absorb. But what’s patently clear is that opportunities abound for banks, retailers, and MNOs who structure their VAS operation optimally.

We interviewed leading professionals in the banking, retail, and mobile network industries, and incorporated insights from over 600 consumers to bring you a comprehensive report for building your digital goods and services business. Even as experts in this field, we were struck by the massive potential the results suggest, and the opportunities that VAS sales have to offer businesses.

The report found that the monthly market value of VAS in South Africa is a whopping R27.4 billion*. What’s more, banks, retailers, and MNOs who are already tapping into VAS are expecting growth of up to 25% in the next year.

This infographic summarises the key findings of the research:

You can download the full 2020 VAS report here for more insights and recommendations which could help you take full advantage of the rise of digital goods and services in South Africa.

*based on the parameters of the research where the population in metro, urban and small urban of 18 to 55 years is estimated to be 27 718 261.

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