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Find out how banks, retailers and mobile network operators can profit from value added services.

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  • The market potential in context of the current VAS market
  • Consumers’ most preferred VAS offering
  • How often they purchase VAS and through which channels
  • Consumers’ most desired VAS offering
  • Which industry has the most to gain through the offer of VAS

South African customers don’t view value added services as add-ons anymore. The digital goods and services offered by their banks, stores and mobile networks are becoming an indispensable part of their lives. The in-depth research in this report identifies what customers’ current behaviours and future expectations are when it comes to digital goods and services. Importantly, it highlights how these goods and services can become valuable profit streams for South African banks, retailers and mobile network operators, if structured correctly.

Key highlights from the research report

VAS payments are worth R27.4 billion a month – and that figure’s growing. While many industry professionals understand the value in offering VAS, Electrum Sales Exec Anton Groenewald knew hard research was needed to guide clients towards VAS gold.

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