There’s a real scramble in South Africa for people like you – proven and promising developers. We’re proud to say we’ve attracted a fair bunch of your peers – read on to find out why they love working at Electrum.

South Africa is at the forefront of a tech industry explosion, and if the figures are to be believed, talented developers are in for a long and healthy career. Cape Town, in particular, is mushrooming with local startups and growth tech businesses, and the city is starting to attract the big internationals too.

…Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose underpin the working experience here

At Electrum, we’ve experienced our own explosion in growth (see our new offices here , now with added leg-room), and we’ve consistently attracted top talent because we stick to our fundamental approach. We’re real fans of Daniel Pink’s arguments for intrinsic motivation, and we’ve built some of his ideas into our organisational structure – come for an interview you’ll see that Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose underpin the working experience here. 

Our small, independent teams and collaborative decision-making practices create the conditions for Autonomy, the desire we all possess to be self-directed. Our senior developers support others in the team, and there are training opportunities throughout the year, giving everyone who works here a sense of Mastery. Finally, guiding all that we do is an overriding sense of Purpose – it feels worthwhile to deliver projects that widen financial inclusion in South Africa, improving the lives of millions.

We make a real difference in the lives of South Africans, and the work we do is technically challenging…

Electrum enables millions of transactions every day, allowing people to buy airtime or electricity, pay bills, gain access to banking products they were previously excluded from, and send money home to family. We make a real difference in the lives of South Africans, and the work we do is technically challenging – after all, we work with some of the country’s biggest retailers and banks.

Besides that, there are some pretty irresistible perks that come with working at Electrum – like our great company getaways, flexi-hours, the freedom to buy whatever books you need to hone your craft, a generous leave policy and more. But among the most cited positives of working here are the daily communal (+healthy +yummy + free!) lunches that make Electrum a great place to come to.

Want to leverage the latest technology to make a difference in people’s lives? Then check out our Careers page, where you’ll also find details about bursaries, internships and our graduate programme.

Electrum Payments

Electrum Payments

Electrum provides enterprise software that represents the next generation of payments technology. Founded in Cape Town by some of South Africa’s most experienced and innovative payments experts, we have built the top payments technology team in the region.