Our services are all about getting different technologies to cooperate. And that kind of cooperation is only possible with perfectly compatible partners, like Tutuka, with whom we worked to launch the Mama Payroll Card.

We’re fortunate enough to have a rock-solid relationship with Tutuka, the industry-leading card platform. They’re the foremost provider of prepaid gift cards for shopping malls and retailers in South Africa, and MasterCard and Visa’s premier processor for mobile wallet companion cards across Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Together, we’re able to process hundreds of millions of transactions per year…

Thanks to our great partnership with them, we’re able to jointly drive the card loyalty programme for one of South Africa’s largest retailers. Ten million South Africans use the programme, with cards issued by Tutuka on software designed and managed by Electrum. Together, we’re able to process hundreds of millions of transactions per year, with the kind of reliability South Africa’s biggest retailers demand.

Recently both Tutuka and Electrum were very excited to be a part of the new Mama Payroll Card offering. Our long-time customer Mama Money is a Money Transfer Operator that migrant workers rely on to send money to their families in other African countries. Up until now many migrants haven’t been able to access even simple transactional banking services, but Mama Money Financial Services is finding new ways to drive financial inclusion.

Tutuka provided the card issuing solution, while Electrum provided the Payments Switch and the Money Transfer platform. The new Mama Payroll Card means that Mama Money Financial Services customers can save money without having to worry about cash being stolen, a really worthwhile objective that Tutuka and Electrum were happy to be a part of.

Our relationship feels easy, even if the projects aren’t…

We love working with partners like Tutuka, since we have so many complementary features to our operations. Tutuka offers the MasterCard and Visa Card Management and Issuing Platform, while Electrum adds transaction management and switching to the Tutuka solution. We’re able to integrate their offering with mobile apps, points of sale, internet banking and kiosks, handling customer logins and data from the cloud.

Besides the technical compatibilities, we feel our two organisations have similar cultures. We both value our staff, believe in hiring and training expert teams, have a collaborative style and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our relationship feels easy, even if the projects aren’t, and most importantly, we trust each other.

…with Tutuka, we’ve been part of some exciting technological innovations…

Electrum and Tutuka have worked together since 2015, processing over 300 million transactions on over 10 million cards. We’ve collaborated on long-term projects with South Africa’s largest retailers and launched exciting digital banking products like the Mama Payroll Card. In working with Tutuka, we’ve been part of some exciting technological innovations, many of which the public is embracing for the opportunities and freedoms they open up. It’s satisfying to work with like-minded organisations like Tutuka, and we look forward to more creative collaborations with them in the future.

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Electrum Payments

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