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Manage Transactions and Monitor Your Loyalty & Rewards Network

The Electrum Platform enables tier 1 banks and retailers to integrate CRM, loyalty, campaigns, rewards, digital wallets and store cards to provide customers with a seamless omni-channel experience.

Not only does the Electrum Platform integrate the various components of your loyalty environment, we also provide the tools to manage the on-going provision of your loyalty services and help you manage your SLA’s with third parties. Our service includes:

  • Automated alerts that pre-emptively highlight transaction processing issues
  • Dashboards for monitoring connectivity and transaction volumes
  • Transaction lookups for quick and easy loyalty transaction troubleshooting
  • Data extracts for transactional data

Enable Loyalty


Omni Channel

Integrate loyalty across point-of-sale’s, kiosks, mobile, online portals and online shopping.


Loyalty Earn

Send basket information from the point of sale to your loyalty platform, allowing consumers to earn points and redeem discount vouchers.


Loyalty Spend

Integrate your channels with loyalty points wallets to allow customers to use points for purchases of goods and value added services.


Vouchers and Rewards

Send basket information from the point of sale to your rewards platform and provide customers with instant rewards and discount vouchers.


Wallet Integration

Integrate points wallets and currency wallets, enabling customers to switch loyalty points to currency for in-store and online purchases.


Store Card Integration

Integrate your channels with your store card issuing system to enable customers to load pre-paid currency and converted points onto store cards.


Integrated Customer Balances

Query balances for store credit, loyalty wallets, currency and points and enable a single view for balances that is available across kiosks, POS, mobile apps, and your online portal.



Route a single transaction to multiple end points using preset business rules


Supported Messaging Formats

Electrum supports most messaging formats including ISO8583 variants, ISO20022, Restful JSON and SOAP XML. Mature developer tools minimise the time and cost required to bring payment integrations online.

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