Graduate Programme

Making the change from student to working developer can seem daunting, but our Graduate Programme gives you the right guidance, structure and skills to handle it.

Features of our Graduate Programme

  • Designed to accelerate your career
  • Comprehensive training program in retail financial services
  • One on one coaching from dedicated mentors
  • Access to customers and senior management
  • Customer visits

Who is it for?

  • University Graduates looking to kickstart their careers

Current Vacancies & Graduate Programme

We love graduates and enjoy the fresh tone they bring Electrum each year. Check out our Job Vacancies board to apply, we take applications for our Graduate Programme in October each year.

What your peers have to say

First hand insights from our previous Electrum grads

“Starting off my journey at Electrum with the structure of the graduate programme helped me out immensely when it came to adjusting to a huge and unfamiliar codebase and industry. I initially had no idea of the complexities behind payments architectures but ended the programme being comfortable throwing all sorts of terminology around. The trust and respect shown by everyone at Electrum was also a big boon to feeling like it was a place I could fit in and grow myself and my skills, and I’ve never looked back!”

Harry HeathcockElectrum Grad, 2021 | Junior Software Developer, 2022

“The grad programme is like a crash course for all things Electrum. Firstly, it’s filled with lots of amazing workshops that give you a great idea of the work, the people and the amazing company culture. The grad project is also an amazing way to learn about the code base. All in all, I absolutely loved the grad programme and think that it was incredibly well thought out and run!”

Liza O'KennedyElectrum Grad, 2021 | Junior Software Developer, 2022

“I find it super challenging to start somewhere new. Day #1 comes with the anxieties of being plunged into a world of new people and unknown expectations. Luckily, having a programme that guides your first weeks at Electrum made this process a whole lot easier. It gave me a chance to move into the new role in my own time and with a level of trust I wasn’t expecting. I really grew alongside my fellow grads, both in my dev ability and confidence! Not to mention the epic times we had while doing so.”

Rhys WilliamsElectrum Grad, 2020 | Tech Team Lead, 2022

“The grad programme not only set me up with the tools to perform technically, but it also gave me the self-confidence to feel like I had something I could contribute to my team! I think that sense of self-assurance came from having a great mentor and from being included in the full software development process right from the beginning.”

Brooke StewartElectrum Grad, 2021 | Junior Software Developer, 2022