Drive Value Added Services Revenue

The Electrum Plaftorm is a technology solution specifically designed for Value Added Services (VAS) management and integrations. It provides quick, reliable, cost-effective VAS transaction integrations and easy-to-use transaction management tools. Electrum is hosted in the cloud and runs either as a stand-alone VAS platform, or in conjunction with your exisiting payments switch.

Electrum enables you to quickly bring VAS to market, minimise the pain of adding new integrations, and drive additional VAS revenue.

VAS Management Features & Tools


Flexible Alerts

Configurable system alerts that pre-emptively highlight any potential transaction processing issues with third parties


Intuitive Dashboard

Monitoring & management information dashboards that provide a real-time view on the state of an Electrum deployment, transaction volumes, and third-party connections


Powerful Troubleshooting

Transaction lookups for quick and easy transaction troubleshooting

VAS Integrations

Electrum provides generic interfaces and pre-built integrations for most Value Added Services. Use Electrum as the single integration point to connect from your payments environment to your desired VAS providers.



Supported Messaging Formats

Electrum supports most messaging formats including ISO8583 variants, ISO20022, Restful JSON and SOAP XML. Mature developer tools minimise the time and cost required to bring payment integrations online.

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