More Payment Choices

Whether you are a retailer, issuer, or acquiring bank, Electrum’s QR payments platform makes accepting payments via dynamic QR codes possible.

With the trend towards digital and mobile payments, a migration from physical cards to apps is to be expected. Give consumers the convenient, contactless payment journey they are expecting, with Electrum’s reliable and agile QR payments solution.

Multiple Integrations with One QR API

Electrum’s existing integrations with a variety of service providers and platforms means that implementation can be quick and seamless.

See more below on how our QR Payment solutions can benefit retailers, banks, and issuers.


Traditional, open-loop payment options are no longer enough as consumers expect choice, convenience and safe ways to pay. Adding closed-loop payment types, such as wallets, prepaid cards, vouchers, and more, provides multiple benefits to retailers.

Improve loyalty
Give your customers seamless payment experiences

Accept more payment types
Offer customers more payment options at your till points

Reduce interchange fees
Closed-loop payment options can result in lower interchange fees and a lower burden of compliance


Attracting new merchants through competitive pricing is tough. QR acceptance can help to differentiate your acquiring portfolio. The opportunities presented by QR code functionality puts you ahead of your competition, and at the same time drives adoption of your banking app.

Attract New Merchants
With QR acceptance, you offer merchants more payment options. They will stand out from competitors and as a result be more loyal to you

New Revenue Streams
More payment types means more revenue streams

Increased App Adoption
Support your bank-wide digital strategy by including QR payments within your banking app


Get your wallet accepted at small, medium, and large retailers. With Electrum you can easily and quickly leverage the existing QR network to grow your payments offering.

Major Retailer Exposure
Electrum’s extensive retailer footprint gets your brand in front of consumers, quickly

Rapid Rollout
Get solutions to market fast by leveraging existing QR rails implemented by major retailers

Enhanced Experiences for Consumers
Engage consumers through app-based payments, and let them enjoy the superior QR digital payment experience

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