Accept more payments and give customers choice

Electrum Digital Payments is a high performance real-time enterprise transaction processing solution for the secure, reliable processing of alternative payments.

Specifically designed for banks, retailers, and mobile network operators who wish to offer customers choice, offer no-touch payments, reduce cash acceptance, and protect against offline services or abandoned carts.

Available with Electrum Digital Payments is the back-office functionality with reconciliation, transaction matching, fee calculation, exception handling, and settlement reporting.

The Electrum Platform has been built to provide the agility necessary to support new and emerging transaction types, specifically when it comes to handling high volume, low value transactions. It also comes with a wide range of legacy integrations to leverage your existing investments. Electrum eliminates the need to process digital transactions through a costly legacy card switch.

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Electrum Digital



Vouchers and Gift Cards

  • Third party gift card purchases
  • Student Financial Aid vouchers
  • Government vouchers
  • Betting
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QR Payments

More about QR Payments

Money Transfer

  • Send and receive money transfer orders
Explore the Electrum Money Transfer Platform


  • Can function on any mobile phone
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Digital Wallets

  • Pay money into and out of digital wallets

Electrum Platform Features

Open Systems, High Performance

Electrum is built in Java and runs on several commonly used database management systems. Currently used by some of the largest retailers and banks in Africa to process billions of transactions annually.

Ideal for Reducing IT and Operations Risk

Electrum maintains an in-house team of IT and operational risk experts for continuous risk management processes. Customers can access our extensive documentation library to achieve organisation risk management goals, standards and certifications, such as ITIL COBIT PCI-DSS and ISO27001.

Proven Reliability

Redundant software architecture provides extremely reliable service without arcane monolithic hardware technology. Customer reference sites provide first-hand evidence.


Encapsulates complex business orchestration logic in re-useable components.

Easy-to-Use API’s

Electrum publishes RESTful API’s for rapid development, testing and integrations.

Cloud-first design

Take advantage of cloud technology in private, hybrid or open cloud deployments. Electrum technology is built cloud-first to maximise the benefits of cloud computing environments. 

Continuous Delivery and MicroServices

Automated independent service deployments allow for continuous delivery solution development processes, ideal for large complex banking organisations.

Support for Industry Standards

Electrum supports banking industry standards as well as those of new emerging technologies.

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