As value-added services (VAS) have become a bigger part of consumers’ lives, they’ve come to expect access through more providers and across more channels. This means that banks that don’t offer VAS risk falling behind. Here’s how Electrum can help you quickly get VAS to your clients, or upgrade your old platform to become the go-to supplier.

Many moving parts go into developing a VAS strategy, which means that it can take some time to get right. As a bank, you need to think about getting the right product mix, a great (and safe!) user experience, as well as the tech stack to bring it all together.

In a competitive market, however, the longer your VAS portfolio is in development, the more customers you’ll lose.

Electrum has a proven track record of helping blue chip businesses in South Africa improve for scale or accelerate their entry into the VAS space by providing the technology and support they need. Three key ways we can help you get up and running quickly include:

  • Seamless integration: Integration projects can involve some serious heavy lifting if you don’t have established relationships with product providers. Electrum has partnerships with over 55 VAS providers and aggregators, which means you only need to integrate with one API to link your channels to the thousands of items in our catalogue. Once you’re ready to deploy, Electrum’s DevOps team will spin up your very own VAS platform in the cloud within weeks, fully POPI and ISO27001 compliant.
  • Easy management: To help make it easy for you to deliver a world-class experience, we provide all the tooling you need to manage your entire VAS portfolio on our platform. With the ability to do everything – from adding new digital goods and services and tracking sales, to back-office reconciliation and billing – in one place, your systems stay streamlined and scaling becomes easier.
  • Less stress: Our integration with multiple VAS providers can help make your VAS offering more robust. Through the use of our failover and least-cost routing technology, you’re less likely to face outages and lose business, because if one provider goes down, we automatically route to your alternative provider, keeping your service online.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how Electrum can help your business deliver value-added services fast, get in touch and we’ll set up a demo!

Summer Smith

Summer Smith

Summer is Electrum's content writer. She graduated with a BA(Hons) in English from UCT, and has experience working as a content creator in various sectors of the tech industry. When she's not at her laptop typing away, she's at the beach with her dog.