Case Studies

Pick n Pay

Pick n Pay is one of Africa’s largest retailers, processing millions of transactions every day to meet the needs of their customers.
Pick n Pay were looking for a technology partner who not only had a strong understanding of their existing retail technology, but also had the capability to deliver new solutions and to assist them to innovate.
Since 2013, Electrum has delivered several solutions to enable high profile products, services and campaigns at Pick n Pay. We enjoy a strong working relationship with them, based on a mutual history of collaboration, reliability, cost effectiveness, innovation and responsiveness.

Retail Banking

Retail banking is changing fast, and consumers are expecting more and more from their banks. Our customer is a relatively new – but very fast-growing – retail bank with a highly innovative and forward-looking approach to technology. Consistently scoring top marks in digital channel surveys, the sophisticated simplicity of their products has found great favour in the South African retail banking market.
Retaining an industry-leading offering means ensuring that customers are able to get the products and services that they expect, regardless of the channel (mobile, web, ATM, branch etc.)
Electrum was called upon to assist in extending the bank’s product and service delivery across platforms. Thanks to our experience and insight into the confluence of mainstream banking systems and modern web and mobile technology, we were able to do just that.

Mama Money

Every day, Mama Money is putting more money into the pockets of those who need it the most. Mama Money is a South Africa Reserve Bank-regulated Money Transfer Operator, whose ambitious aim is to substantially lower the cost of low-value international remittances in Africa.
Lowering remittance costs means running an extremely efficient, lean operation, and Mama Money needed a technology partner who could meet their stringent requirements for innovative technology, reliability, compliance and straight-through processing.
Electrum is uniquely positioned to provide money transfer technology on the advanced Electrum platform, with links to banks, retailers, mobile networks and neighbouring countries. Electrum delivers a world-class SaaS platform to Mama Money, which is used to provide rock-solid reliability and resilience to Mama Money Customers.